World of ABI

Get to know ABI:

the brand built by Abigail Griswold

Abigail Griswold studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. She spent her thesis studying the human form. Her design process involves re working style lines to optimize aesthetics around the body. Abigail finds visually appealing ways of breaking up the body to create modular, sculptural pieces, reconstructed through intricate seaming. The brand ABI is at the forefront of pattern making; constantly discovering new ways of construction down to the finishing element. We believe that attention to detail and finishing touches has the power to transform the overall emotion of the garment. 

Abigail was a former D1 collegiate gymnast. She brings her years of an identity as an athlete into her work and allows her love for sport to shine through her product. ABI focuses on techniques and attributes found in both activewear and traditional tailoring. Attention to detail, fabrication, fit, and innovative style lines derived from the muscular system of the human anatomy are driving influences. The brand is inspired by the body, for the body.

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